We at Country Wide Steel are dedicated to meeting the design needs of our clients. Whether you require a standard building design or a more customized structure, our team will deliver it fast, cost effectively, and to your specifications. We provide multi-level structures, attached buildings, cranes, parapet walls, and more. Call on us to meet your building design needs.


Country Wide Steel buildings are prefabricated so your project will be completed rapidly. In a short 8 to 10 weeks, materials will arrive at your building location ready for construction. And since our framing materials are made from steel, you can expect a durable building that will last for years.


Our prefabricated building components arrive at your site ready to be bolted together, minimizing time, labor expense and waste. You can work directly with our experienced construction crew, or choose to call on a local construction business. Either way, you can expect to have your quality building installed quickly and efficiently.

Welcome to Countrywide Steel.

We at Country Wide Steel are dedicated to supplying you with building structures that are made from the highest quality materials. Our experienced team will work with you to design and construct the buildings you need based on your specific requirements. Because our steel structures are prefabricated at the factory, you save considerable time and expense compared to those offered by traditional construction companies. We are environmentally conscious, using up to 90 percent recycled steel that also helps keep costs low.

We provide services from design to Install.

We offer services ranging from start to end which includes design, fabricate, and install. You will get everything needed from us that is required until the project gets finished :

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